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HQT-1680 PET injection molding machine

160 ton injection molding machinewith robot  producing 28 mm 26 gr PET preform mold, taken in customer factory in China.

HQT-PET serie PET Preform Injection Machine

——Special screw for PET material, with bigger L/D ratio, screw diameter ect, reduces acetaldehyde aldehyde content to meet food packaging standard, and makes sure preform to be completely transparent and bright.
——Special clamping and inject unit to meet PET products requirement.







Item Unit HQT-168 PET
Screw Diameter mm 55
Screw L/D Ratio  L/D 22
Shot Volume(Theoretical) cm3 510
Injection Weight(PS) G 540
Plasticizing Capacity(PS) g/s 22.0
Injection Rate g/s 181
Injection Pressure Mpa 126
Screw Speed r/min 150
Clamp Tonnage KN 1680
Toggle Stroke mm 420
Space Between Tie Bars mm 460×460
Min.Max. Mould Height mm 180-500
Ejector Stroke mm 120
Ejector Tonnage KN 38
Ejector Number   5
System Pressure (mpa) 16
Pump Motor Power (kw) 15
Heater Power (kw) 9.9
Machine Dimension(L×W×H) m 4.99×1.49×1.9
Oil Tank Capacity L 364
Machine Weight Tonelada 6

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