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HQT-3200 PVC injection molding machine

HQT-3200 plastic injection machine exported to Kazakhstan, testing in our factory before exportation.


HQT-PVC Serie PVC Fitting Injection Machine
——Air cooling device with quick response and accurate temperature control, avoid degradation of PVC in barrel.
——Bimetal screw with high corrosion resistance and rigidity, ideal for PVC powder material.
——Extra spacious mould area, suitable for long core pulling and multi-core pulling
——Enlarged plasticizing motor and special injection system, make sure plasticization is complete and even.



Item Unit HQT-320
Screw Diameter mm 60 65 70
Screw L/D Ratio  L/D 21.7 20 18.6
Shot Volume(Theoretical) cm3 752 883 1024
Injection Weight(PS) G 684 803 932
Plasticizing Capacity(PS) g/s 34.8 38.6 42.0
Injection Rate g/s 284 333 386
Injection Pressure Mpa 190 162 140
Screw Speed r/min 220
Clamp Tonnage KN 3200
Toggle Stroke mm 570
Space Between Tie Bars mm 640×640
Min.Max. Mould Height mm 240-640
Ejector Stroke mm 150
Ejector Tonnage KN 70
Ejector Number   9
System Pressure (mpa) 16
Pump Motor Power (kw) 30
Heater Power (kw) 18.5
Machine Dimension(L×W×H) m 6.33×1.77×2.23
Oil Tank Capacity L 734
Machine Weight Tonelada 11.5

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