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How to Buy a Laminating Machine

Laminating machines come in various sizes, have different prices and they have different features too. You might like to get a new laminating machine. Alternatively it is possible to find some great deals on used laminating machines, which are in a great condition and might come with unused laminating film or pouches too.
Pouch Laminators
One of the most common types of household or small business laminating machines is the pouch laminator. This type of laminating machine is highly effective without being pricey. With a pouch laminator, you use plastic lamination pouches which are sealed on the short or long edge. The pouch is coated with film and this film sticks to the paper you are laminating when exposed to heat. The pouch gets rolled through the laminating machine on a set of pressurized, heated rollers.
ID Laminating Machines
These machines are for laminating ID cards. Before the birth of ID laminating machines, ID cards had to be laminated with laminate sheets which would pucker with air bubbles and make the contents very difficult to read. Laminating machines make short work of ID card lamination and give great results.
An ID laminating machine might also punch holes in the ID cards so you can wear them on a lanyard or string around your neck, wrist or clipped to your clothing. Some ID laminating machines feature laser visible imaging, ultraviolet colors, nano text and micro text for security purposes, to prevent forgery. The lamination ID sheets also serves to protect the the ID card from getting wet and dirty.

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