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How To Laminate Using A Heated Roll Laminating Machine

A laminating machine is one of the most common office appliances that we have in our offices. It is commonly used for laminating which is a process by which a piece of document is encased between two laminating films for protection against any physical damage like water or creasing. Many people do not understand how the machine works and in this article, we focus on how it works and how to operate one in case you come across it in an office somewhere.
There are different types of this laminating machines based on how they operate and their sizes. There are those that use heated rollers to bind together the laminating films while others will just pressure and force to bind them together. On the other hand, their sizes are determined by the size of laminating film they can hold and the more common is the A4 sized laminating machines.
How to laminate using a heated roll machine
· Follow the given guidelines by the manufacturer on how to load the laminating films into the machine, commonly they are two.
· After loading the laminating films preheat the rollers by turning the machine on using the power button. There are different levels of preheating and each machine comes with directions on how long this duration lasts. Most machines have light signals that indicate when the machine is on when it is preheated and when it is ready now to laminate.
· Prepare the document that you intend to laminate, this is by ensuring that it fits well within the laminating films, trimming and resizing to make sure it comes out perfect is done at this level. Place the document in between the films.
· To laminate put the paper into the laminating shelf on the machine, which is the side that allows the roller to pick it, and pass it through to the other side after it has completed binding the films together with the paper in between. Check that you push the paper well enough for the rollers to get hold of them.

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