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Guide on How to Buy a Laminating Machine

This is because new models are coming out every year and prices are becoming unstable. New machines are coming out with new features, different sizes and of course, varying prices. But, with the proper knowledge, you can find the perfect laminator machine for you.
For starters, you can take a look at a few classifications of common laminating machines. These are Pouch laminators or Roll laminators.
Pouch laminators are machines that use laminating pouches to encase valuable documents. This is the most common choice since this is relatively the cheapest type of machine in the market. In fact, you can find this type of laminator machine in the office, home or store. This machine uses a laminating pouch that sticks to the paper that you are laminating when exposed to heat. The pouch is then rolled and pressurized to make the lamination permanent and even all over the edges.
Roll laminators are practically the same. But, it uses special kinds of lamination films. These laminators use heated rollers to melt the glue in the lamination films to seal the documents. The advantage of using this type of laminator is the minimal air bubbles that it produced due to the use of rollers.
Nowadays, roll laminators are commonly found in printing presses. This is because large documents are laminated using this type of machine. Some of the examples include posters, blue prints, magazines and even books.
For materials that are heat sensitive, you may opt to use cold roller laminating machines. These machines use a sticky backed, glossy film to stick to the document that you are laminating. A few examples of delicate materials that can be protected by cold lamination are antique photographs or old papers.

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