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Why You Should Buy an A4 Laminating Machine

A4 lamination varies from machine to machine and this size of laminator fits easily on to a desk in a home office and takes up very little room. It is also portable if you want to store it between uses.
GBC HeatSeal A4 Laminator
This is the quickest A4 laminator available and offers high quality results. Whether you want a laminator for home use or for business use, the GBC HeatSeal A4 laminator heats up in five minutes and can laminate an A4 page in thirty two seconds. You can laminate pouches up to two hundred and microns thick (a hundred and twenty five microns per pouch side). There is a variable temperature control on this laminator and it uses two rollers. There is also an auto off feature, release function and a ready light.
Fellowes SPL A4 Laminator
This is a very good, compact laminator which is heavy duty but also makes a good occasional laminator. There are both hot and cold settings on the Fellowes SPL A4 laminator, a three minute heat up time, reverse mode, a digital display and auto shut off. You can laminate up to five hundred microns with this laminator, which makes thicker lamination easy. This machine has four rollers, two of which are heated and you can safely laminate photos with this laminator.
A4 Lamination Supplies
Some laminators use film and others use pouches. You can also get self seal A4 laminating pouches and laminating sheets. When you buy a laminator, you might get lamination film or pouches with it or you can buy these separately. It is worth buying laminator supplies in bulk since they keep for a long time. If you buy a used A4 lamination machine, it might come with supplies that the previous owner has not used. You can get A4 pouches in big packs of fifty or a hundred if you are going to do a lot of laminating.

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