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Varieties And Advantages Of AC Servo Motor

AC servo meter defines an electric meter which uses alternating current. As compared to DC motors, AC motors are more prominently used in industries but they are not suitable for low speeds. AC servo meter consists of an amplifier and a feedback service. Amplifier increases the size of a signals and feedback service which is actually a part of a closed loop control system detects the actual value given by a sensor while a process is happening.
Basically there are two types of meters on the basis of supply frequency. These two are as follows:
Induction motor runs at a reduced supply frequency and current is induced in rotor of the induction motor to create magnetic field.
Synchronous Motor on the other hand does need current to be induced; it runs at the supply frequency. Current is passed through the slip rings or permanent magnet is used to create magnetic current.
Here is a list of the types and advantages of meters on the basis of voltage.
Standard AC Servo Motor - It consists of spinning motor. It works at high speed with low vibration and uses hollow shaft. This servo meter is used for auto molding, cleaning and making transfers.
22KW ~ 37KW AC servo motor - This is one of the high voltage servo meters. It runs at high power and high voltage power. This is used for injection molding, packing, steel processing and in servo press.
1KW ~ 15KW AC servo motor - This servo meter consists of high resolution feedback system. It has high inertia and proper control over accuracy. This is used as Auto Tool Changer, coil feeder, and is used in press brake and steel processing M/C.
0.1KW ~ 7.5KW AC servo motor - This is also one of the high resolution feedback system. This can be availed at low cost and has high speed and accuracy control. This is used for socks knitting M/C, Embroidery M/C, and Quilting M/C and as TFO Winder.

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